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The quality of laser cutting products is better

2021-04-30 03:20:48

We often hear about laser cutting, but what is laser cutting? Is to use laser cutting machine to cut all kinds of materials, laser cutting processing is different from the original cutting method, so that the efficiency of processing has been greatly improved.

The laser cutting products have good quality, smooth cutting surface, narrow cutting seam and no burr. And laser cutting processing speed, high precision, can cut a variety of complex patterns, laser cutting products smooth, natural, looks very beautiful. The product made in this way will also look very good. Compared with the traditional cutting method, laser cutting processing can realize the mass production of product cutting processing, so that the company can receive more orders and provide better service for more customers.

Now the method of laser cutting products can be said that there is no longer any place, using this method to process different products, but for some products, if the structure and shape of parts are too complex, the accuracy requirements are relatively high, the roughness value is small, and the materials used are difficult to cut, laser cutting can be used. If the quantity of products processed at one time is relatively small and the workload is not large, try to wait for enough quantity or when it is worth machining, and use laser cutting to process the products, because the laser cutting machine is relatively large. If you start a machine to process a small product, it is not cost-effective.

Now many people like to use laser cutting products, because the quality of laser cutting products is better, at the same time, it can ensure that we get the products we need faster.




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Tel: 0574-88186128

Mobile: 13705840883 (same number of wechat)

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Address: No.9, Lixin Road, Xiaogang, Beilun District, Ningbo

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